About Something Swell Media

Something Swell Media is more than just a blog, it is an oasis and promotional platform for all things ethical, sustainable and inspiring. The goal of Something Swell Media is to help teach readers how to achieve a desirable and eco-friendly lifestyle through posts on eco-conscious fashion, keeping healthy, creating unique and upcycled D.I.Y.s, and crafting delicious treats and beverages without animal products. Something Swell Media offers readers an expert opinion on a wide range of topics and aims to inspire readers to try new products and activities based off an opinion they know they can trust.

About Annie Anzaldua

Hello! I am Annie Anzaldua, the founder and creative director of Something Swell. I’ve been interested in living a green life for as long as I can remember – which is not surprising since I grew up in sunny, hippy-dippy, Santa Cruz, California. I have always had an interest in helping the environment, from an early age I can remember my brothers and I creating picket signs to save the tadpoles in our grade school’s creek and selling bracelets to raise money for causes we believed in.

In my life, I have found living green to be both easy and rewarding, but as I have aged, I have been increasingly shocked by the push back people give sustainable living. In my eyes, everyone has the ability to eat great food while making sure that what is on their plate is a friend to the earth. People should be able to look chic and fabulous, but care about who made their clothes and what they are made from.

After college – where I graduated with a degree in fashion design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco with an emphasis in environmental fashion – I am embarrassed to say that I began designing for a “fast fashion” retailer and saw the even uglier scenes behind the retail curtain. After witnessing this for as long as I could bear, I quit my job and started this blog to help bring to light the ways in which we can all help the earth. The trick is to help people learn to be more sustainable, through aid and positivity, not preaching. I initially found it a little tricky to be vegan myself and to find sustainable brands to support, but I now have a repertoire to help others on their journies and make clean, happy living attainable for all.

When I’m not blogging, I am practicing yoga, surfing, traveling the globe, hanging with my man (an incredible musician by the way), cooking, dancing, crafting wonderful products to sell on my Etsy shop or running as far as I can.