Why Healthcare is REALLY Important Featuring Oscar Health

Why Healthcare is REALLY Important Featuring Oscar Health

Our healthcare nightmare

This time last year, was a hard time for A and I. We had just moved into our first home (so money was tight) and we had finally come off of my old company’s insurance plan. I had been working in corporate for years and while I truly hated most of the experiences I had at that company, I was very thankful that we had such great insurance. I didn’t have to pay much at all, and the coverage seemed to apply to everything. And while I pondered at length over my decision to leave (you can see this post here about that) there was one thing continually stressed me out: health insurance. 

Sure, A and I are both super healthy and young. We workout, we eat all organic, we don’t drink etc etc. But the thing about insurance is that you never know what could happen. You could be hit by a truck tomorrow and if you don’t have insurance, you’re toast. You could break an arm, have your appendix burst or heck even get pregnant! And while health insurance premiums can be expensive, the cost of medical care without insurance is likely debilitating. Getting covered isn’t just about insuring your health; it’s also about protecting your finances and your future. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, over half (53%) of uninsured people report problems paying medical bills. CNBC even reported that medical bills are the no. 1 cause of personal bankruptcies. That is what makes it sooooo important to get covered! 

I have to confess, we learned this lesson the hard way. A used to wrestle back when we first met in high school and he has a pre-existing injury from it. He had surgery to repair it years ago, but it still acts up every now and then. Well when A first started his new job in Austin, he was not on the company insurance plan yet (they were waiting until Jan 1st) and he was also lowest on the totem pole at work and doing a lot of heavy lifting -literally. He was unloading huge boxes of recording equipment all day, and after a few weeks he started to feel it. Skip to a few days later and he couldn’t even lift his arm anymore. 

Lo and behold, he tried to ask how much it would cost to get it looked at without insurance, and just the necessary MRI was $1000+. We were at a complete loss and had no idea what to do. So guess what we did? My poor, sweet husband roughed out three weeks of not having use of his arm just so we could wait until he joined his company’s insurance plan. It. Was. Miserable. All I can say, is that I sure wish we had Oscar last year. 

What is Oscar?

Oscar is a brand spanking new kind of insurance company that truly believes in the importance of health insurance coverage. They believe it is the key to getting healthy, staying healthy, and gaining peace of mind. I first found out about Oscar from some of their TV ads, and I must say that they piqued my interest! An insurance company that actually cares and wants to help? It simply sounded too good to be true. But it’s not! Oscar is an amazing company and an even better resource. Their #GetCovered resources completely cut through the stressful noise of health terminology and get you the information you need. They tailor all of your needs and try to find the plan that’s best for your finances, health needs, and lifestyle. Honestly finding a plan that fits your needs can be the hardest part of the insurance hunt, but with Oscar, it doesn’t matter if you have a chronic condition, if you just need access to affordable prescriptions, if you have a planned medical procedure or a life event (like that growing family we mentioned earlier), no matter what Oscar’s resources will help you get the right kind of coverage. Oh, and even if you don’t end up selecting Oscar as your provider, they will still help navigate you through the enrollment!

So how do you go about enrolling?

All you need to do to quit stressing and get covered, is visit howtogetcovered.com. The website is beyond user friendly – even for someone who can’t figure out how to update their iPhone can use it…A.K.A. Me. And the best part is that their service is available 24/7! So even though the window is running out to get covered in some states, it only takes a moment to get yourself set up through Oscar, and gain that peace of mind! 

Be sure to follow Oscar on social media as well! Their instagram handle is @oscarhealth, and they actually post a TON of cool stuff! like cute little hand illustrated videos that teach you about the importance of organic food, and even the cutest stickers! Seriously, their whole feed is so aesthetically pleasing…it is fun to stalk! 

*I received compensation and free samples from Oscar in exchange for an honest post. All opinions are and will always be my own. #sponsored* 


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