D.I.Y. All Natural // Toothpaste (Dentist Approved!)

Hello Peeps! A few weeks back we were chatting about our new series: D.I.Y. All Natural where I shared our recipe for D.I.Y. Windex. Originally when I came up with the idea of doing a series based on all natural D.I.Y.’s I was thinking it would be for cleaning products exclusively. But, the funny thing about looking at ingredients labels, is that one you start it is hard to stop.

I have been obsessed with finding out what is in our mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant etc. Let me tell ya, the facts are not great. While brushing your teeth is obviously great for your overall dental health, we can do without all the chemicals and dyes – like why is is blue!?. 

I came up with this recipe after doing some serious hunting on the internet. I know that D.I.Y. toothpaste might seem like a real stretch for some of you out there, and even a little risky! But, I have to say that after using this stuff for three months, my next dentist visit went very differently. Neither my husband or myself gave away that we had changed anything in our daily dental routine. Guess what? At both of our visits, our hygienists ask us which kind of toothpaste we were using. They said that our teeth looked great and very strong and they wanted recommendations for other patients! To say they were taken aback that we made our own toothpaste is putting it lightly!

This toothpaste is actually my new favorite obsession. I love it because it is really quick to make, roughly 5 minutes, and it lasts a long time! I have been doubling the batches and putting one in the fridge so it is even more convenient.

The great thing about this toothpaste is that it doesn’t have an overpowering taste, so drinking coffee or OJ afterwards is not like drinking tar – what a concept. It is not too sweet, not too minty, and although it looks kinda strange, it have a nice texture. It is like exfoliating your mouth sort of.

Another bonus? Unlike store bought toothpastes – yes even the “natural” ones – there is no glycerin! Glycerin is used as an additive in toothpaste to hold it together and keep the texture smooth. But the problem is that this coating can stay on your teeth for up toTOOTHPASTE DIY a month! That makes it hard for your teeth to remineralize. After using this stuff for about three months, I no longer have any tooth sensitivity to cold/hot like I used to. My teeth seem to stay cleaner longer, and my breath is not as bad as frequently as it used to be. 

So how do you make this magic toothpaste I have been talking up so much? All you need are a few simple ingredients (most of which I had laying around already!). Here’s to 24 years and counting and no cavities to speak of – knock on wood!

What You’ll Need:

Filtered Water
Bentonite Clay (I love this stuff and always have it on hand for facemasks)
Baking Soda
Peppermint Essential Oil

Step 1 : Mix Ingredients

Blend all of your ingredients together in a food processor until they are smooth. There might be a few bumps from the bentonite clay, but you can squish them out with a flat rubber spatula.

Step 2: Place in Container

Using a rubber spatula, scoop the toothpaste mixture out into a container of your choice. I opted for an old spice container that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas. I like this shape because it is flat and easy to dip your toothbrush directly into. If you don’t want to have everyone dipping their toothpaste into the same container, you can get a travel sized squeezey tube.

Have you ever tried alternative toothpaste?



    • Annie
      December 5, 2017 / 12:56 pm

      Right!? It was exciting to learn for me too 🙂

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