Copycat West Elm Oil & Vinegar Bottle

So you guys know me, I am a cheap lady. I call it being “fiscally responsible” but really all that means is that we just bought a house and a dog, and another cat and we are going to Europe in October so we need to find ways to save money. That being said, I am a consumer, and I can understand the wants and desires for all the pretty and expensive things we come across on the internet. Recently, I was hunting for an oil and vinegar set since we have never had a proper one and I thought it would be good for bulk shopping. In my hunt, I came across this one from West Elm and thought it was about the prettiest thing I had ever seen. I loved the utilitarian feel of it, with the old worldliness of the classic cork. The only thing that I didn’t love? The price tag. Call me chincy, but $30 is just too much for pay for two bottles. I mean really.

So I did what I do best. I made my own! Seriously this D.I.Y. takes just a few minutes and costs virtually nothing (I had all the supplies on hand so it was literally $0 for me). Here is how to make your own copycat West Elm oil and vinegar set:

What You’ll Need:

Two matching wine bottles (mine were two different brands, but the same color/shape)

Black spray paint

A white paint pen or detail brush with acrylic paint

Step 1: Prep Your Bottles

Your wine bottles will most likely have a sticker/adhesive label on them and probably will not be spotless. Ensure that you totally remove these sticky elements and any dirt or wine drops that may be lingering. These will get in the way of your paint and will result in an uneven coat.

Step 2: Spray Paint Your Bottles

Follow the directions as per your spray paint. For mine, I always prep a large area with a tarp (spray paint can have a wide spray) and stand about 2 ft away from the object I am painting. Paint the bottles evenly with two coats of paint (allowing adequate drying time in between, roughly 30 minutes). 

Step 3: Add Your Writing

Finally the funnest part, adding your writing! For these bottles, I just did it by hand in chalk, so I had the option to change them later. If you feel comfortable winging it and you like that homemade look, go for it! If you are looking for something more uniform, you can buy simple alphabet stencils from Michaels or Office Max and paint your words using a detail brush and white acrylic paint. 

And that is it! The world’s easiest way to save $28!

Are you a or a splurger?



    • Annie
      December 5, 2017 / 12:55 pm

      Thank yoU!

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