My New Nightly Routine

Recently I have been struggling with remembering to wash my face (or brush my teeth, ew I know) before bed. I think it is a combination of running all the time, and some personal dramas, but I have been routinely passing out at 9:30 pm on our couch. Unfortunately I don’t have the willpower or self control to wash my face after I wake up on the couch at midnight. I typically just zombie walk to the bedroom where I return to my passed out state.The main problem with this, aside from it being a great way to cause more acne, is that I always wake up at 3am and feel gross. Something about being squeaky clean makes sleeping through the night possible for me. And this lack of routine in my life has left me feeling stressed out and groggy in the morning.

Another huge contributor? I have been tending to a very persistent hip injury (running related of course) and I am finding myself waking up at all hours of the night with hip pain. On our old IKEA full mattress. Yes, my grown-ass husband and I still share a full bed…along with our sixty pound pit bull and two cats. Not only is this becoming increasingly uncomfortable as we get older, it also just looks a bit silly. We don’t even have a bed frame because we have been waiting for a new queen mattress before we throw down money for the frame! Yikes.

Well, lucky for us, I think that we may have found the one with Leesa. Leesa is an awesome new mattress company that is blowing everyone out of the water with their new business model. Their products are gaining rave reviews for their comfort levels – which is thanks to their three layers of high quality foam. Those layers help to deliver a cooling bounce, but also contouring pressure relief and core support. Leesa is a certified B–Corp which means that they meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, and they make their mattresses here in the USA. Not to mention their award-winning Leesa One-ten program donates one mattress for every ten they sell. Oh, and they also aim to reduce their environmental impact by partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for each mattress sold. 

If you buy a Leesa mattress today you will get $100 off plus FREE SHIPPING! To learn more head to Leesa’s website.

So, with the thrill of a new mattress on the horizon. I decided it was time to start a new evening routine. Part of me is thinking that the mere thrill of getting a new mattress will lead me to better habits, but just to be safe I have been trying to follow a physical checklist every night and ensure that I’m on track. I know it seems silly, but as I have mentioned before I am a list motivated kind of gal. I love the proud feeling I get when I complete a list, any list really, and it always leaves me feeling accomplished. This list includes one of my favorite new nightly beauty routine, featuring some great new products from Aveda!

Every Night Before Bed I Will:

Mini Workout:

Lately my health has been super important to me in order to keep myself feeling great and looking great. That is why I have decided that I am going to start doing a mini tabata series every night. For those of you who are unfamiliar with tabatas (like I was a few months ago), tabatas are basically 30 second intervals of a workout. Then you get a 10 second rest. It doesn’t always have to be those numbers, but that is the ratio that I use. I walys incorporate push-ups, sit-ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, burpees, flutter kicks, squats and wall sits, but sometimes I add on other things. I also normally throw in a Myrtl routine (I will post more about this later) and ALWAYS stretch! Nothing is worse for pushing yourself to work out than having sore muscles.
You can check out more of my workout ideas on my Health + Fitness Pinterest board.

Beauty Plan:

Once I am done sweating it out, now is the time to wash up. I do all the typical stuff, wash my face (at night I just use plain old castile soap), floss, brush my teeth. But I am also trying to throw in more clear skin conscious products. I tone nightly with natural witch hazel. Once that is dry I apply my new favorite thing, the Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque. It doesn’t feel like a mask at all, more like a moisturizer, and I swear you wake up with the most beautiful skin after! It makes it softer, smoother, and noticeably less inflamed. I’ve also been using the Aveda Wedding Masque Overnight Eye Mask for added eye nourishment. Even A, who doesn’t notice if I chop off 12 inches of hair, commented that my skin has been looking outlandishly healthy.


Next I like to make sure that I can rest easy with all of my next day planned out and prepped. I’ve started putting my phone in my charger, so all my friends can stop making fun of me for never charging my phone, and lay out my clothes. Sometimes I lay out my clothes for the on Sunday, but if I don’t I always do it the night before. Then I review my planner and to-do’s to make sure that I am not missing anything important for tomorrow. Finally I prep my gym bag (or layout my running clothes depending on what time my workout is) so I can be ready to roll ASAP in the am. 


I have been super guilty of putting on an old favorite like 30 Rock or The Office, right before bed and passing out on the couch. But I am really trying my darndest to stop that habit. It can be so hard not to at the end of a long day or a 12 mile run, but I always feel better in the morning when I had a proper nighttime send off the evening prior. Additionally I have been having some health troubles, we will get into those later, and I have been trying to fill out a symptom tracker every night so I can manage my life. I do this right before bed since I have experienced about all I can experience that day and it makes it easy to log. Then I spend a while writing in my cute little Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal that A and I bought in Cambria on a road trip. Finally I read a chapter of whatever book I am currently on and this helps me decompress and get ready for bed mentally.

*I received free samples from Aveda in exchange for an honest review. This post may also contain affiliate links, for more information read my privacy and permissions policy. All opinions are, and will always be, my own.*


  1. October 12, 2017 / 1:15 am

    Your checklist before bed is super long :)) i just can do my skincare, read some novels and go straight to bed <3

    xoxo, Best hat for women

    • Annie
      December 5, 2017 / 12:55 pm

      Haha I know right?! I like to be sure I am in a good head space before I crash!

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