Currently Digging: August 2017 Edition

Hola! Today we are talking about the latest and greatest things on my radar. Things have been really great for us lately. We just returned from visiting some friends (and one friend’s sweet little new baby!) in Columbus. Just before that A was on a business trip. Weekend before that we were in Maine for a wedding. Just before that I was on a business trip. You could say that things have been pretty dang crazy! Either way I am really excited to start the new school year next week and get the blog into a routine again (I have missed ya’ll!).

Despite all this craziness, we have certainly found time to collect some new favorite things that we would love to share:

  1. The Moth Radio

    I have been getting used to these long drives in Austin (my commute in Columbus was only 10 minutes!) with the help of podcasts. The Moth radio is by no means a new podcast, but it is still a favorite of mine. I love that the stories are told by those who experienced them (unlike others such as Modern Romance). It gives a really humanistic feel. I love that the stories range from making you laugh your ass off to making you weep within a matter of seconds. Very moving and very interesting.  

  2. Little Simz

    A has been really obsessed with watching NPR Tiny Desk Concerts lately (they are so on point). Back in March we found a really incredible rapper named Little Simz. Have you ever heard of her? If you haven’t, stop everything you are doing right now and go listen to Picture Perfect. She is in my top 5 favorite rappers of all time at this point. Her style is so unique and I love that she doesn’t try to subdue her British accent. She keeps it at the forefront of her music and it adds such a unique juxtaposition to her sound. A and I became immediately obsessed and cannot stop listening to her latest album Stillness in Wonderland

  3. Field Roaster’s Chao “Cheese”

    I have long been a lover of Daiya and of Go Veggie’s jalepeno cheddar cheese slices, but these Chao slices are pretty amazing too! I only recently found out about them while I was looking up links to Field’ Roaster’s Vegan Sausage options and found out that they make “cheese” as well! The tomato cayenne is my absolute favorite! Perfect for spicing up your vegan grilled “cheese” sammies! 

  4. Love Season 2

    I don’t  know about you guys, but we couldn’t wait for Love season 2 to come out! When it did we totally binge watched in in a matter of days. Now a few months later I find myself still rewatching it! Between Mickey Dobb’s style (so L.A. cool) and the very real vibe of the show, I’m still hooked. The characters evolved even more in this season and you really get a feel for how messed up they all are (in a good way). 

  5. Cucumber Redbud Ale from Independence Brewing

    I have never been a beer drinker. I am just a big baby when it comes to all things bitter, and beer is just that for me. I have been known to plug my nose and down a beer in beer pong before. But, all that has changed thanks to Redbud Ale! This delicious beer has been my absolute favorite thing in the world, but it wasn’t until we visited their brewery here in Austin that I discovered that they also make a cucumber version. It is so light an refreshing, it is perfect for gripping onto those last few days of summertime!

  6. Little Bee

    My friend Bianca and I started doing a book exchange back in March and it is really fun! We each send each other our current favorite books along with a handwritten note calling out all of our favorite parts. I love reading books from friends that come with their own notes and opinions on it! It adds some charm and I like to imagine why they connected these stories. Little Bee is a very sad, very uplifting, very funny, very humbling book about a Nigerian refugee trying to enter England. The story is hard to read at times (especially given the current political climate), but is very eye-opening. Amazingly written, this book will give you all the feels.

  7. Strident Feminist Tee

    OK this might be cheating to plug my own product here, but I can’t help it! I am obsessed with this t-shirt and I am wearing it constantly. This T-shirt is super-soft, lightweight, and unisex fit. It is made with 100% deluxe combed ring-spun cotton and all sizes are unisex. Also, all t-shirts are preshrunk, so there is minimal shrinkage, this helps to ensure that you get the same fit even after several washes! Shirt features a set-in rib collar with shoulder taping, a fitted bicep and standard side seams. Oh and the best part, 50% of proceeds go to Planned Parenthood Action Fund! Check it out 🙂

  8. LA Divine by Cold War Kids

    Anyone who has known me longer than 5 minutes knows that I have a deep (potentially insane?) love for Cold War Kids. To me their music is perfect. I can listen to it when I run, when I party, when I need to chill, when I need a pick me up. In short, it is always there for me. I got to see them a few times already in the past few months, and they performed a few of the songs off of their new album La Divine. This one came out back in April, but I still listen to it daily. PLUS they recently released an impromptu version of all of these songs that were re-recorded in one setting called Los Feliz Blvd. It is breathtaking. Bishop Brigg’s voice is effing nuts.

  9. Zero Waste Home

    I have long been a fan of Bea Johnson, even since I read about her Zero Waste family in Sunset magazine some years ago. For those of you unfamiliar with Bea, she is an innovator in zero waste living. Her entire family of 4 hasn’t produced more than a small handful of waste in over 12 years. She is now an author and spokesperson for her zero waste lifestyle. She gives out all of her secrets in her book (which you can buy in ebook or paperback form) and trust me, you will want to read how she does it.

  10. Orange IKEA bench

    We bought this sweet little bench from IKEA and we love it so much we cannot decide where to put it! It is an indoor/outdoor bench so so far we have used it as an indoor dining bench, outdoor dining bench, entryway bench and as front porch decor. It just adds so much to every space we use it in and it is so lightweight and easy to move! I am debating buying another one…

What are you currently obsessing over?


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