Keeping My Skin Happy With Aveda

Keeping My Skin Happy With Aveda

When A and I first moved to Ohio, it was the only time in our lives that we had encountered truly cold weather. Don’t get me wrong, snowboarding is my favorite sport and I was up in the snow as often as possible growing up. But midwest cold? It is a whole different animal than California “cold”. Ohio was pretty much unbearable for me 11 months out of the year. The winters started in late October, and continued clear through April – we decided to move when we got back from a trip in April and the ground had a foot of snow on it. About half of May was typically OK and then the excruciating summers set in accompanied by copious amounts of rain.

The point of this sob story is that living somewhere with a cold climate was the first time I realized I needed to take extra good care of my skin. The endless cold I faced on the 15 minute walk into and out of work (seriously who has an outdoor employee parking lot in OHIO!?) was enough to leave my hands and even at times my face, chapped and bleeding. This was when I started getting better about nourishing and exfoliating my skin to ensure that it wouldn’t be miserable and dull. 

The only problem with starting this new beauty routine was the difficulty I had with finding eco-friendly beauty products! I have gushed about Aveda in the past (because they are awesome) and surprise, surprise, they did not let me down this time. I started using their Rosemary Mint Body Polish paired with their Candrima Cleansing Creme Oil to keep my skin supple and luminous. Aveda is an industry leader in eco-friendliness. Their containers are 59% post consumer recycled content and 41% bioplastic (plastic made from plant matter). They do not test their products on animals, and they use the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. 

Body Polish Use

Every Saturdays after my long run, I use the body polish all over my chest, back and limbs before I hop in the shower. It isn’t too rough on my sensitive skin (I have eczema) and it gently strips away the dead skin and sweat while still nourishing with essential oils. I love the feeling of my skin after I have used this polish. 

Creme Oil Use

On Wednesday’s (the other day of the week that I take a full shower), I rub my whole body with the creme oil. Then I hop into the shower and wash my skin gently with warm water (not hot). This leaves my skin hydrated and happy! Especially during the colder months. 

Do you use body polish all year round? I am trying to decide if I should post winter!


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