Currently Digging // February Edition

Currently Digging // February Edition

Hello everyone! Today we are dipping back into our newest series “Currently Digging” after a brief hiatus. With so much going on these last few months, the only thing I have been “digging” is sleep when I get a chance to partake in it, and red wine. Now that we are really getting our routine back-in-order and getting our brains in the right place, I am excited to say that we are starting to explore new things again. It feels ah-mazing. We have been exploring new restaurants, TV shows, movies, books, all kinds of adventures to keep ourselves up to date on all the new things we have missed lately.

This month’s “Currently Digging” includes my new favorite book, an awesome new TV show that we are totally hooked on (even after we finished watching) and my new favorite scent!

1. The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

A while back A had me watch an amazing TED talk by Amanda Palmer about a concept she calls “the art of asking”. She ended up writing an incredible book based off of this concept and I cannot put it down. Palmer created the largest kickstarter campaign fundraiser in history and is an incredibly brilliant musician.I highly recommend that you watch the TED talk and read the book, but essentially the idea is that we only get what we ask for. The book is anecdotal and entertaining, but also incredibly inspiring and informative. Palmer taught me more in this book than I could have learned in a lifetime of struggling to get what I want.

2. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

I have seen a lot of copper in decorating schemes lately and I have to say, I am really digging it. Copper is a naturally occurring mineral that can be recycled without losing integrity, allowing it to be re-used indefinitely. This means that it has a pretty low environmental impact and is typically a pretty eco-friendly material. So – duh – I am clearly obsessed. We have been on a real gin kick lately so when I saw this copper moscow mule mugs, I know I needed to have them. They are great for patio cocktails in the new house and they add an amazing pop of color on our open kitchen shelving. 

3. The OA

If you liked the Netflix original series Stranger Things, then you will love The OA. This show is beyond creative and just confusing enough to never fully allow you to catch on. I am not one to binge watch shows, but we actually canceled plans to watch four consecutive episodes.. (they are almost an hour long each! yikes!). The plot is very twisty and hard to explain, but in essence it follows a girl named Prairie Johnson who was kidnapped as a blind 21 year old, and returned several years later with the capability to see. If the insane plot isn’t enough to keep you interested, the brilliant cinematography and astoundingly believable acting should do the trick. 

4. Glass Animals new Album How to Be a Human Being

Obsessed doesn’t even begin to cover my feelings on this album. I have listened to it all the way through almost every night since it was released. I am a huge Glass Animals fan to begin with, but this seems to be their best piece of work in my opinion. It is super quirky and inspired by a lot of different genres of music and the website for it is both hilarious and totally bonkers. Highly recommend you check this one out. 

5. New Barstools

When we first painted our new kitchen I was so happy, but also totally blown away by how stark it looked being so white. I decided we needed a little pop of color, so we added some pink trim, an orange bench and a chalkboard wall. But that wasn’t quite enough. These stools are the absolute perfect thing. I love them so much I even added a trim to match in the living room and over the kitchen island.  

6. Buzzfeed Clean Eating Challenge

After the holidays and all of our remodeling craziness, A and I were so sick of eating processed garbage and take out. We had been combo over indulging and stress eating and travel eating, which leads to a lottt of tummy unhappiness. We decided to do the BuzzFeed clean eating challenge and get our lives back on track. The detox is actually pretty realistic, but it does cut out salt, refined sugar, gluten, caffeine (TBH I caved on this one…coffee is my lifeline) and alcohol. All the meals come with really clean instructions for prep and are surprisingly delicious. We just finished up and I can say that all of my rings fit way loose now (no salt +no bloating) and I feel happier, more energetic and I am sleeping wayyyy better.

7. Hidden Figures

I know I am way late to the game on this one, but I still cannot get over how good this movie was. Especially in today’s political climate, I am always looking for something to inspire me and the next generation of women. I think this movie will be just that. For those of you who have been living under a rock (no offense, I spend lots of time there), Hidden Figures is the true story of the African American women of NASA, one of whom coordinated the launch/landing coordinates for the Friendship 7 space expedition. 

*Spoiler Alert*- I will get a lot more in depth about the benefits of this movie in our second episode of The F Word, that is all about the Bechdel test.

8. Google Photos

Antonio introduced me to this app when my phone ran out of memory. I might be a technology dinosaur but this was all news to me. Google photos basically just takes all of your photos off of your phone and stores them online. All your photos are organized automatically by people, places, and things. So you just have to search by what you remember about a photo, no description needed! You can also share the photos really easily, even with people who don’t have the app, and you can edit them too. The best part is that it uploads automatically, oh and completely free to use!

9. Sandalwood Incense Sticks Sri Hari Bol Divine Agarbatti

I am totally obsessed with candles and incense, and sandalwood is one of my favorite scents. The other night I was getting a little anxious so I pulled out one of these sandalwood incense sticks while I did some deep breathing. My mind was totally recentered. It is amazing how much scent can impact our mood, but candles can be really pricey. These incense sticks cost just a few cents each and take a few days to use up. 

10. IKEA Dog Leash Holder

Since we got Yolonda, we had been keeping her leash draped over an old apple crate in our entryway. It was not exactly the most beautiful thing to look at, so we decided to pop over to IKEA and buy a leash holder. This bright orange leash holder/dog butt has to be the cutest silliest thing in our house (besides our Vernon the Dog pillow) and I love the impact it makes in our hallway. It is fun and functionable!

What are you currently digging?



  1. March 3, 2017 / 1:31 am

    I’ve heard the TED talk too and that was amazing <3

    xoxo, Sophie

    • Annie
      March 5, 2017 / 5:09 pm

      So good!

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