Repairing Damaged Hair Naturally with NightBlooming

Repairing Damaged Hair Naturally with NightBlooming

Before we jump into this post here, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for bearing with me while we moved to Austin this past week. Things have definitely been hectic to say the least, and incredibly unexpected – i.e. I am now working a few days a week as a preschool teacher and our moving truck has still yet to arrive (#yay/#yikes). That is the thing that I love about new beginnings though, no matter how organized and hyper-controlling I am, nothing goes to plan and it gives you such an amazing fresh start. We are living in a small apartment for the next six months while we try to find our dream house (I will keep you updated for sure), but we are just starting to get a little more settled. I have yet to find a dog shelter to volunteer at, but I have figured out the crazy roads and a few amazing hiking spots at least.

Anyways, I am super excited to talk to you today about a product that has been ah-mazing for my hair in these stressful times! NightBlooming, once exclusively an Etsy shop, is a natural beauty company that recently released a book on natural hair repair called “Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally : A Guide” which is available on Amazon and on Etsy. Their products are absolutely amazing, and made with all natural herbs. Don’t believe me? Ask one of the 15,00 people who have bought their products!nightblooming_02

For my hair, I chose the damaged hair healer’s kit which consists of: the Panacea’s Hair Salve, the Ostara’s Hair Salve, the Freya’s Hair Salve, the Selkie Herbal Detangler 1oz sample and the Herbal Hair Rinse Treatment. My hair has been insanely brittle from flat ironing, stress and plane rides and this kit was perfect for healing it. I have fine hair and this kit was anything but heavy. It penetrated deep into my hair, but was still weightless and non-oily. It mending my split ends and soothed out the dry, frizziness that my life chaos has caused lately. The best part? It was perfect for travel because of it’s size so it was super accessible during our move!

Oh, and great news for vegans out there: Night Blooming keeps their own bees! In their own words: “Our bees are Minnesota Hygienic Italian bees living chemical-free and in top-bar apiaries made to the Golden Mean. We’re proud to help bolster the bee population and only take what the bees themselves don’t use, harvesting only when they fill their hive and run out of room, or in the spring when they prefer fresh nectar to their overwintered honey.” It is so nice to be able to purchase bee bi-products in a humane way. nightblooming_01

Be sure to check out Night Blooming’s book on Amazon or Etsy, and their Etsy shop!

*I received free samples from Night Blooming in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are and will always be my own.* 


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