Change One Thing // Styrofoam is a Nature No-No

C1T Styrofoam No

Change One Thing: Styrofoam is a Nature No-No

Lots of time when you purchase to-go coffees, order an online product,  or buy meat in the grocery store, it will come in Styrofoam or Polystyrene foam. Scientists have researched that these materials take 500 years to decompose AT THE MINIMUM! How insane is it to think that your split decision to buy turkey breasts can take over five hundred years to be remedied? You have to ask yourself, is it worth it?

Lets look at the ways that you can cut back on this evil product that occurs so frequently in our markets 🙂


This one is soooo easy but it kills me how few people do it! Buy a reusable cup. Starbucks has ones like this one right there for sale so you will use them. I promise it is a really quick fix and no barista will think you are weird or annoying for doing it (if they do, screw them).

Online Shopping:

Look, I get that buying things online is insanely easy and quick (I often fall into this trap), but it is also wayyy more wasteful than buying things in real life. If you need shampoo, just get off the couch and buy it -using a reuseable bag of course. If the item you are buying you really cannot get anywhere else (this is totally the case sometimes) just do your best to reuse the materials (i.e. padding for when you move, gift wrap etc). You can also always recycle them (see below).


That little container that your meat comes in brings on big repercussions. The easiest way to avoid this is to stop eating meat, but aside from that you can always try and buy from a butcher shop where it will be wrapped in paper instead (it will also be fresher, another bonus).  Also remember that in all scenarios, buying in bulk uses less packaging so if meat is a must for you, buy in bulk somewhere like Costco and freeze it.
Worst case scenario, you ended up with some styrofoam from something by mistake, there are certain places where you can potentially recycle them. Go online and look up the nearest recycling center online here. The earth doesn’t really care if it is time consuming 😉 Some even offer curbside pick up!

How do you avoid styrofoam waste?



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