Genuinely Cool Stuff 10.13.15

Ahhh the post birthday coma, we all know the feeling. Anyways while I am coming out of my cake/champagne/shopping/manicure/treat-yo-self mindset, I figure I could share the best links that I found around the internet this week! Our links today include my new favorite autumn playlist, how to make your own shibori pillows, and how to get yourself to relax when you only have twenty minutes!

1. How cool is this D.I.Y. plaited planter?
2. Loving this super chill autumn playlist
3. Dreaming of Canada after reading this travel post
4. Creative content ideas for your newsletters
5. Make your own shibori pillows
6. One of the best lists of wedding dos and don’ts I have read
7. Would it be so lame to use my anthro gift card on this table brush?
8. How to relax if you only have twenty minutes



  1. October 19, 2015 / 12:21 pm

    I definitely want to try to make those pillows! Seems so easy and they look professionally done. I also really enjoyed the link on ideas for a mailing list as I have been considering one myself.


  2. October 20, 2015 / 1:49 am

    Yes! I will try to make the pillows and tell you how they turn out! Haha and so glad you liked the mailing list link!

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