Weekly Highlights 7.17.1

This week has been such a crazy, but amazing one! As I am sure you can all see, my blog has switched its appearance and I think this has created a ton of positive feedback as well as a better viewing experience for my readers! As many of you know I am not always the most tech savvy so trying to accomplish this in the same week I tried to join Twitter was a little overwhelming (I sound like an old lady don’t I?). Anyways I am really excited about my new “schedule a post feature” so I will be using this weekend pre-dominantly to prep content for the upcoming weeks and to cover my vacation next week!

Flower Basket 🙂

Great little wall art…

Enjoying Waldo’s first time in water/nature

A little bookcase styling 🙂

So proud and excited of the final product of my brother’s wedding invite!  EEEE! Only 40 days until your nuptials! 


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