Sensitive Skin Care Line GIVEAWAY!!!

As I have mentioned in previous articles, my skin tends to lean to the sensitive side. Especially in eye creams and face wipes, I have found that my skin has a tendency to become red and irritated- it can even be as bad as breaking out in hives! The tricky part is finding skincare products that work on sensitive skin, but still have the strength to fight adult acne (always a fun problem at 23). I have gone through plenty of trial and error to find a skincare line works for my baby skin, and dang it I think I’ve… View Post

Change One Thing: Rethink That Gift Wrap

Change One Thing: Rethink That Giftwrap This week’s Change One Thing post, is one that is a very tricky one for me to abide by! This week’s post focuses on the wastefulness of gift wrap. I am a total victim to a cute gift wrap purchase, but I have recently fully understood just how much the environmental impact is not worth it. I used to be the person who went into The Container Store and lost their s*** over all of the amazing prints and patterns. That was before I learned that according to the Wall Street Journal, gift wrapping sales… View Post

Quick & Easy Summer Salad

I know that to most people (especially those with kids), summer is over and back to school is on the brain. But I say, all the way up until Labor Day, IT IS SUMMER. I refuse to concede so easily. I was always the weird kid that got excited to go back to school because I wanted to get new pencils and a new backpack, but not so much nowadays. Growing up means that there are no breaks from work and that life can seem a bit monotonous at times. When summer leaves, all I will notice is the sun… View Post

Minimalistic Flower Bucket D.I.Y.

My biggest obsession 90% of the time is how soon I can go to Goodwill, what I can buy from Goodwill, maybe I could get that at Goodwill. Not only does thrift shopping same your exorbitant amounts of money, it always helps you find some cool treasures that you never expected to find or find unique items that you can D.I.Y. into something else. Today’s post is the latter.  I found the most ridiculous (and heinous) snowman themed Christmas bucket a few months back (in March) and brought it home. Needless to say, A was a little confused at why… View Post

Complete Toiletries Kit – Free Downloadable Checklist!

To say that things have been crazy lately is a bit of an understatement. Not only are we in the process of moving to Austin Texas. but we also have been traveling like crazy! And as much fun as being a jetsetter is, it is also totally exhausting and things have seemed very chaotic. As someone who thrives in a highly organized environment, I have found myself struggling a little bit to remain on top of everything. This happened to us last time we went through a crazy travel phase in February. As far as I can remember, our flight left… View Post