Change One Thing: Cancel Your Junkmail

OK, real talk time. Show of hands, who else is so incredibly sick of getting a thousand credit card offers, loan pre-approvals, and random take out menus in their mailbox everyday? Well, I cannot see your hands, but I am guessing that everyone else is over it too. Not only is junk mail a total nuisance to receive, it is also incredibly wasteful.  According to, the average person receives 41 pounds of junk mail per year! Additionally, to produce and process 4 million tons of junk mail a year over 100 million trees are destroyed, not to mention the… View Post

The Ultimate Pesto (Vegan)

A and I like to play a game sometimes where we discuss what our best life purchases have been since we got married – as well as our worst. Currently our top three bests list goes something like this: 1) Winston the cat (we actually acquired him from a friend and never really bought him but vet bills count here), 2) Our IKEA dog pillow I named Vernon, and 3) Our basil plant from Trader Joe’s. For those of you who are interested our worst list goes: 1) Buying “Apples to Apples” before “Cards Against Humanity” came out, 2) A… View Post

Quick Delicious Fall Sangria

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I know it sounds super basic, but the pumpkin spiced lattes, my birthday, the apple picking, the changing leaves, my birthday – it is all so magical to me. Honesty time…I have already picked out a plethora of Halloween decorations and pinned them to a secret Pinterest board. The only issue is that since we moved from Ohio to Texas we will no longer get to experience the actual weather change that comes with fall.  That is why we have decided to make the most of it and extend our summers out… View Post

My Take on the Smokey Eye

Sometimes I wonder if growing up with two brothers having a vast knowledge of Kung Fu movies and sports trivia has somehow drained my ability to perform basic girl tasks.  I remember watching my friends in high school apply mascara in the bathroom like ballerinas preparing for a show, whereas I looked more like a drunk, overgrown toddler trying to face paint my own face. Basically, makeup has never been my jam until I got into blogging and had the time to really focus on the basics of makeup application. But even with the makeup skills I have recently nailed down,… View Post

Repairing Damaged Hair Naturally with NightBlooming

Before we jump into this post here, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for bearing with me while we moved to Austin this past week. Things have definitely been hectic to say the least, and incredibly unexpected – i.e. I am now working a few days a week as a preschool teacher and our moving truck has still yet to arrive (#yay/#yikes). That is the thing that I love about new beginnings though, no matter how organized and hyper-controlling I am, nothing goes to plan and it gives you such an amazing fresh start. We are living… View Post