Change One Thing: New Series

Hello all and happy Friday! This week has been absolutely ah-mazing (understatement of the century). Working on the blog from home is what I have been doing every Saturday and Sunday for over a year so basically now my entire work week feels like the weekend, one of the benefits of doing what you love for a living. The only thing that could end this week on an even higher note would be ANNOUNCING A NEW SERIES! *cue the roar of an excited audience* This is possibly my favorite series ever because I think that it is quick, helpful and fun for… View Post

The 5 Sustainable Garments Every Girl Should Own

Making the leap to eco-friendly fashion from more mainstream fare typically means considering a number of factors when shopping, such as the where, the how, and the who of the creation process. All of these come together to determine the impact any one particular garment has on the planet. However, considering the sustainability of clothing not only means looking for pieces that are ethically sourced and produced, but ones that will stand the test of time as well. Each garment you add to your wardrobe should be an investment, rather than a quick purchase that will be worn a few… View Post

Koreatown + Lazy Man’s Bibimbap (Vegan)

I am not sure what it is about going vegan, but somehow as soon as you start not only do people seem to suddenly to think that what you ingest is any of their business, they also appear to be under the impression that all foods aside from meat and dairy are devoid of protein and iron and you are going to become anemic and die. I hate to break it to everyone, but there are tons of plant based protein sources that are actually higher in proteins and healthy fats than meat. Tofu has plenty of protein and has become… View Post

2016 Summer To-Do List

I had thought that today was supposed to be the first day of the summer solstice, but google just told me that it was yesterday. Boo. Either way I am always more than eager for summer to take hold and this year with my new change in work schedule (meaning that what I used to work on in my time before and after work each day and all weekend is now my full time job!) I could not be more excited to have a little extra time this summer to regroup on life and get everything in order! Each summer feels like… View Post

The Triple Braid Ponytail

I have said it before and I will say it again: I am always a fan of anything that helps get my morning running smoother. We are all busy people, and even if you are a morning person like I am, you are probably still a not willing to spend twenty plus minutes of your morning doing your hair. And the most annoying part is that during this time of year, at least here in Columbus, there is so much humidity in the air that my hair is a frizzy mess when I leave the house. That is why I… View Post