The Pale Girl’s All Natural Sunburn Cure

Growing up in California and being as pale as I am in probably one of God’s cruelest jokes. If it were up to me, I would spend 1000% of my days crisping in the sun like the girl in a 70’s tanning oil commercial. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I am Swedish and my skin color comes in two shades: albino and tomato. This means that the majority of my family vacations growing up required that one full day be set aside because I would be too sunburnt to move. It also means that I have used my fair share of sunburn cure… View Post

TSA Approved Plane Snacks

As I have mentioned in the past, I am not exactly the most efficient person when it comes to going through TSA. I am a very organized girl by natural, but something about going through TSA always stresses me out and I somehow end up with a 14 fl oz bottle of sunscreen in my bag or a contraband evion in my possession. Side note – the scanner at security always shows something metal in my head…I think my parents aren’t telling me something. Anyways, the greatest struggle for me is (as it often is in my life) SNACKS. Plane snacks are an… View Post

The Perfect Iced Coffee (Vegan)

I know that I am not alone here when I say that coffee is my day wine. Coffee is a magical elixir, that fuels leaders to success and it is what gets me out of bed in the morning (otherwise I would snuggle my cat all day against his will). You might think that I am being hyperbolic, but I don’t think I am. That is why morning coffee isn’t enough and I have added in an additional afternoon iced coffee each day The only problem with most iced coffees? Now that I am vegan, soy milk just doesn’t seem… View Post

Genuinely Cool Stuff 7.19.16

Hello buddies! I hope that everyone is enjoying their week so far! We definitely are, there is so much going on here that things feel pretty crazy and exciting all in one. With all of this craziness going on, we have been a little distracted so I am looking forward to using Thursday’s flight as a time to catch up on some Lenny Letters, finish the two books I have started (The Book Thief and Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl) and seeing what Pokemon I can catch at the airport (no judgements please).  But, don’t worry! I still gathered my… View Post

My Fave Mani Pedi Color Combos

Whenever summertime rolls around I get super excited about the prospect of wearing sandals at all times, but this feeling is immediately followed by panic at the state of my toe nails. I wear a lot of boots and tennis shoes in the winter, plus I run a lot, so the state of my feet is not always pretty! That is why I have decided to start taking personal care days more serious and doing a real at home mani pedi each week. I have also been having a lot of fun mixing and matching my toe nails with my… View Post